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Is Patriotism Christian?
Is Patriotism Christian?
Article for RelevantMagazine.com
A Girls Best Friend
"A Girls Best Friend"
2-Act Jewelry Heist Play Script
Undead Heartache
"Undead Heartache"
Feature-Length Independent Film Script
Murder In Plain Sight"Murder in Plain Sight"
A 4-Act Murder Mystery Play
European Business Council Video ScriptEuropean Business Council
Germany Trip Video Script
FASN Website ProposalWebsite Proposal for
Florida Association of School Nurses
Review of Book: The Man Comes AroundMovie Review of "Henry Poole is Here" for TitleTrakk.com
Living Without Creativity"Living Without Creativity"
Article for InFuzeMag.com
First Encounter"First Encounter"
A Romantic 2-Person Period Play