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Human Trafficking Video Wins Regional Award!

THIRTEEN/30 PRODUCTIONS, INC. is proud to announce that the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association has awarded "Not Safe in My Own Backyard" an award for best long-length PSA at their 31st annual awards banquet.

THIRTEEN/30 Productions produced, directed and edited the video for Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, for the benefit of the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the US Department of Justice. The video highlights the dangers of domestic human trafficking, a problem that is largely unknown because the public as well as law enforcement tends to focus on human trafficking victims brought to the US from other countries. However, it is an issue that is on the rise throughout the United States, particularly in Florida and California.

Appearing in the video was part of the sentence for Naomi Vasquez, a convicted human trafficker, who is interviewed throughout the video. Her on-camera statements, along with those of law enforcement officials are interspersed with actors portraying some of the events described in dramatic reenactments.

"I couldn't be happier that the video won the award," declared THIRTEEN/30 Productions owner Paul Rose Jr. "All of the kids and most of the adults graciously volunteered their time and acting skills to make this video a success. We're glad that the impact is being recognized."

The video was produced by the Lee County Sheriff's Office, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, Dangerous Curves (casting) and THIRTEEN/30 Productions for the express use of law enforcement and Department of Justice training. Agencies who would like to request copies of the DVD for their department may contact Trish Routte at Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers, 239-477-1407 or through their website, http://www.swflcrimestoppers.org/

The Crime Stoppers program enables citizens to Anonymously report individuals who are known or suspected of committing criminal acts in our community.  Crime Stoppers cases are featured in news, television, and radio announcements. It operates off of public donations and a portion of selected financial penalties to convicted criminals. 

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